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We Make Living Better

There is nothing “typical” about what we do at the Sitting Pretty Design Center. We have a knack for the unique, and it shows in every piece of furniture we offer. From barstools to vintage chests to living room furniture, we have over 400+ eclectic options to suit every style and need. Have a unique idea? Witness it come alive at the hands of our master craftsmen. We’ll fit every inch of your home with tasteful and timeless furniture that reflects your personality and elevates your living.

We make sure that you get the modern, the traditional, the transitional, the edgy, the extravagant, and any other style that you desire. Our furniture speaks your language.


We Make Life Easier

We want you to get the home of your dreams. A dream is more than just buying random pieces of furniture; it’s a common thread that weaves through all of your individual ideas – be it lounge setting ideas, patio décor ideas, living room furniture – to tell the story you want.

Our experts take in your inspirations and help actualize your expectations. At Sitting Pretty, you don’t buy furniture aimlessly. Before you make any purchases, we first determine where the piece fits in the story you are telling. We take away the hassle, and all you are left with is your dream home!

Undertake the Journey

From Your Vision to Reality in 3 Easy Steps


Schedule Consultation

Call us or email us to claim your consultation. You can meet our interior designers at our showroom for free, or at your location for a small nominal fee.


Share Your Home Dream

Discuss your functional and aesthetic requirements with our designers. Share photos and videos of your home, or even set up a two-hour on-site design service for a nominal charge.


We Breathe Life Into Your Dream

Our designers will come up with detailed illustrations and storyboards to help you customize every inch, every detail of your interior décor – from rugs to everything else.

That’s it. Sit back and relax, while we turn your dream into a reality.

Getting to Know You

When you order furniture from us, you also get complementary interior designer consultation. Our design specialists visit your location, or you can choose to meet at our office. They get a sense of your space, understand your design style, sketch out a budget, and discuss your expectations in detail.

Designing Your Home

Once the plan is in place, our furniture makers take over. They’ll adorn your home with everything from handpicked furniture to custom-designed creations that reflects your unique taste, functional needs, and aspirations.

The Building of a Dream

We supervise the entire design and implementation process – whether it is picking the perfect modern patio furniture or building your custom-made dining room table from scratch. Just sit back and witness your dream taking shape right in front of your eyes.

Delivering Over & Beyond

For 65 Amazing Years and Counting…

Experienced Furniture Makers

We have been making furniture for more than six decades now. We know how to balance aesthetics and function when it comes to any kind of furniture. We are also custom furniture makers. So, if you have an idea, we can build it.

Interior Design Specialists

We have in-house interior designers who will work with you throughout the process of furnishing your home to pick out pieces that compliment your space and style.

Distinctly Different

Every piece in our collection – from the intricately designed night stand to the big welcoming chaise lounge – has a character of its own. These hand-made beauties will enhance the look of your house and make it pop.

No-Hassle Experience

We are confident in our service, and we know we can change how you feel about home furnishing. Our continued support throughout the project is bound to make it a seamless and wonderful experience.

Personal Touch

We are a family-run local business. In our 65 years of operations, we have worked with thousands of homes in Los Angeles. We completely invest ourselves in creating a home that you will be proud to live in.

Your home is your piece of heaven on Earth, and we specialize in the art of creating bliss. Connect with us and let’s start reimagining your home.

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